About me

Once upon a time on a gloomy evening a green monster passed my way. He was oddly cute and flirted with me using all his power of persuasion.
At first I was kind of alienated cause, to be honest with you, he wasn´t the most handsome guy and having blood all over his face. But after he
looked at me with his single puppy dog eye, I had no chance but letting him have a place in my little black heart.
After weeks of close togetherness he introduced me to his family and friends and reveiled a secret. He confessed being kept as a resident of a shady asylum outside the city and that all the friends he´d introduced were held unrightfully imprisoned with him. Since that day, I made it my top priority to find new homes for these tortured souls.

Well, to be honest, I am just an artist from Cologne having an exessive amount of fantasy. Mainly focussed on all kinds of art related to
horror, I create creepy monsters & demons with individual short stories as well as scary sculptures & paintings. All my work is handmade and
unique. I also do comissions, so check out my gallery, get inspired and let me know if you need a little spookyness in your life, too.




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